Demo Lounge

The Demo Lounge held during the lunch hours of Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September is the place to be during lunch at MyData 2019! Enjoy demos from exciting new projects, companies, and initiatives.

Demos accepted to be included in the Demo Lounge include the following:

Fair Data Society – a year in review and future ahead by Datafund / Fair Data Society

Privacy Identity Protection by MJS Information Management and Communications

Consent receipt in action: a demo of managing consents in a decentralized app by Datafund Llc.

Active Permissioned Data (How to deprecate notice and consent) by JLINC Labs

Multipurpose chatbot demo using AI for anonymous but customised guidance, case: parents separating by Gofore Oyj

LIVE! Demo of a Interoperable Personal Data Receipt Ecosystem – the Kantara Initiative Privacy Control Panel System by Kantara Initiative

MAZI DIY Networking toolkit by University of Thessaly

Creating WIN-WIN for organisations and users via by

Universal DID Resolver and Registrar by Danube Tech

Numbers Data Wallet – take the control back, invest with your own data by Numbers

Gaming Brotherhood: How can we achieve personalization of content marketing in a privacy by design world by Athens Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation