Ecosystem Mapping S1: Foundation Setting



Michael Becker


Hall B1


15:15 - 16:30 Thursday






Mapping The Personal Information Economy Session 1—A Group Effort To Set The Foundation

The personal information economy is upon us. It is fueled by a vibrant ecosystem of players—individuals, academics, entrepreneurs, established industry leaders, technologists, ethnologist, economists, evangelists, lawyers, regulators, policymakers, and more. Industry players are marching toward the day that individuals may effectively maintain oversight over their identity and personal information, to the day they achieve digital sovereignty. Who are all these players? Where are they? How exactly do they align, intersect, converge, and conflict with each other? Answers to these questions are not exactly clear. The goal of this industry mapping effort is to build a crowdsourced, interactive, industry map that will bring clarity to the personal information economy, to shed light on the inner workings of the industry, and to stimulate industry-wide collaboration, growth, and value exchange.

Session 1 is the first part of a two-part MyData 2019 personal information economy industry mapping effort. The workshop facilitators and participants will use session 1 to work together to lay the foundation for the personal information economy ecosystem map. Session 1 will focus on,

  • building a cohesive community
  • digging into what’s required to develop and maintain an ecosystem map of the ever-evolving personal information economy
  • discussing the nexus of everyone’s motivations and use cases
  • identifying & reviewing existing industry mapping efforts
  • engaging in an interactive session to develop a taxonomy and an ontological framework that could eventually become the basis of a collective ecosystem mapping effort
  • discussing and sharing process and technology that can be leveraged and developed to bring a personal information ecosystem map to life

Desired output:

  • List of interested participants
  • Summary of community motivations and use cases
  • Published taxonomy & ontology prospectus
  • Published implementation proposals


  1. Session 1 and Session 2 are intended to be independent, while people are welcome to attend both sessions there is no requirement to attend both
  2. MyData Global is hosting a #mapping channel on Slack, join us here if you’d like to share thoughts before, during, or after the Mapping workshop.
  3. If you have example ontologies and ecosystems maps that you’d like to share or policy, process, and infrastructure ideas that the community can use to build the map please email them to Michael Becker at