Ethical Resilient Smart Cities



Jyri Wuorisalo


Hall F


11:15 - 12:15 Thursday






As the world becomes less predictable, cities need to be able to adapt and react flexibly to serious disruptions, and they need the ability to recover, or even become stronger, in the wake of a crisis. In this regard, public as well as personal data has great potential to support the building of Resilient Cities.

This session will emphasize an aspect of urban development and MyData that hasn’t received focus in the past: how to leverage data to build resilient services and architectures, which continue to work independently, even if some fail. And yet, even if this can be achieved from business, legal, and technical perspectives, we need to work with ethics at a practical level, to avoid catastrophic oversight.

In this session Arto Holopainen, CINO of the City of Kuopio, will explore the role of MyData as part of resilient smart cities. Afterwards Simon Kavanagh from Tieto’s innovation lab will examine the ethical consequences of doing this and discuss what steps should be taken to avoid unintended misuse.

Presentations in this session:

  • MyData as part of Resilient Smart Cities by Arto Holopainen
  • From a Smart City to an Evil City, the Ethics of Efficiency by Simon Kavanagh

Presenters and host: