Ethical and Inclusive AI



Minna Mustakallio


Main Stage / Hall A


15:15 - 16:30 Thursday






Designing for Introversion

Microsoft has defined six ethical principles for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, platforms, and services, of which inclusion is a key principle. Inclusive technologies should empower everyone and address barriers that would otherwise exclude certain people. While one-third to half of the world’s population is introverted (Cain, 2012), contemporary design favors the extrovert: open-office plans, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and self-promotional social media. Because extroversion is more perceptible and more socially valued in Western societies, technology creators must take special care to foster an inclusive work environment and support introverts, who are at their best when they are given time and space to reflect, are persistent problem-solvers, and are uniquely good at leading initiative takers. This talk will dive into the personality literature and define introversion, the brain differences between introverts and extroverts, and explore principles to design AI systems that are inclusive of introverts.

Primary speaker: Dr. Arathi Sethumadhavan, Senior Design Research Manager, Ethics & Society, Microsoft

Presentation title from Clara Neppel coming soon!

The end of the session will feature a panel discussion with Anna-Mari Rusanen.