Cities Roadmap for MyData



Herve Groleas


Hall G


11:45 - 13:00 Opening Day






Last year, at the MyData 2018 conference, we saw that cities and their residents have an interest in adopting the MyData model. Indeed, on one hand, MyData can help the public authority improve life in the city, provide social assistance, change the behavior of residents and develop citizenship. On the other hand, MyData can foster the creation of innovative services provided to the residents and help them feel more secure with the use of personal data.

However, it is difficult for a city to go beyond the experimental stage and engage in a large-scale deployment. There are many difficulties and it looks like a puzzle:

  • Digital operators are reluctant to give personal data back to the residents
  • People have trouble understanding how personal data could be re-used in many ways while preserving their privacy
  • It is difficult to mobilize an emerging ecosystem to create new innovative services
  • There are threshold effects: to make it work we need a lot of users / data / services

So, in order to move up a gear, why not design a joint project that would involve active cities that empower citizens with their personal data?

We know the issues as we’ve got a SWOT map for implementing the MyData model in cities. We nevertheless lack a roadmap, a succession of steps that we must follow for making MyData happen in cities.

The purpose of this workshop is to build on our Strengths, to overcome our Weaknesses, to take advantage of Opportunities, to counter Threats and to imagine together the steps we need to climb for the advent of MyData in cities.


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