Cities Implementing MyData



Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts


Hall G


10:00 - 11:15 Opening Day






For years, cities have been undergoing unprecedented mutations, driven in particular by digital technology that reshaped the urban landscape and services. But while the digital impulse holds many promises by responding to major urban imperatives (securing, sanitizing, transporting…), it also raises questions of a crucial importance.

If the major private actors -undisputed masters of data- are now in a position to shape cities according to their own business interests, they are often far from the general interest concerns of public institutions. In fact, their economic models based on massive capture of data raise serious questions about individual’s freedoms and liberties and the place of human digital rights.

But it would be wrong to believe that the dice are cast, many cities aspire to reverse this trend by allowing their citizens to re-appropriate their data and their urban services in general for the sake of common welfare. Through this session, we will discover how cities are empowering their citizens with some practical initiatives and concrete cases, leading to this change of paradigm in accordance with public policies.

Presentations in this session:

  • “A tale of 4 cities”: presentation of several projects that cities are doing to promote & implement the MyData model, by Manon Molins
  • How to co-create a human centered personal data management system : applications to energy and social services by Maria-Ines Leal and Nicolas Pernoud
  • “Personal data powering climate-smart life in Helsinki: Forum Virium advancing with use cases from energy to mobility” by Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Presenters and host: