Paul-Olivier Dehaye

PersonalData.IO, Director

Paul-Olivier Dehaye is the founder of PersonalData.IO, a nonprofit focused on making data protection rights individually actionable and collectively useful. He is interested in collaborative sensemaking of personal data ecosystems through mapping and engagement of civil society. As a mathematician, he is also keenly interested in ensuring we have proper processes in systems in place to hold algorithmic systems and their creators accountable.

He is also the cofounder of the MyData Geneva hub.

Paul-Olivier Dehaye can be seen in:

The Great Hack Special Screening & ... Value for People
14:00-16:30 Opening Day
The Great Hack Workshop Perspectives
16:45-17:45 Opening Day
Ecosystem Mapping S1: Foundation Setting Perspectives
15:15-16:30 Thursday
Ecosystem Mapping S2: Building the Map T... Perspectives
17:00-18:15 Thursday